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SKVKMET » The origin of the foundation

Kyanno Foundation for Children With a Future is a Christian organization founded in 2020 in the Netherlands.


The origin of the foundation

Before we started this foundation, we spent a long time thinking about how we can help underprivileged children. One day our son Kyanno came to us with the question: can we set up a foundation to help underprivileged children? With this question,  we thought, it is not a too bad idea to start a foundation for underprivileged children. He also added: "Daddy every day we see how orphanages, boarding schools, become overcrowded with underprivileged children. Some are forced to live on the street because of poverty". His words really moved us as parents. At first we were very skeptical about this, given the time and energy that we will have to invest in it. But the more we thought about this, the more we realized that every child is a gift from our dear Lord, regardless of their origin, color, race, religion or gender. We also believe that they deserve a healthy and safe environment in which to grow up with a promising future. The reality that these children have to undergo cannot be ed Partly because of this, we have decided to set up our foundation in July 2020.
You can choose to stay on the sidelines, but sometimes you have to take action, just like many others, to put a stop to that reality (poverty).

Our dream

We at the Kyanno Foundation for Children with a Future have a dream: that one day all children will receive equal treatment and the fight against poverty is overcome. With our foundation we want to provide support in the areas of education, care and welfare, clean drinking water, consumption, and sports. Especially for children in Suriname, the Netherlands, Indonesia & Sint Maarten. We hope that our commitment will literally promote the growth of these children and lift them out of poverty.

Like every child, Sam (9 years old) from Haiti has a dream: to become a teacher. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are slim. His parents struggle to scrape together a little income. Often there is little to eat and hardly any money for school. Can you imagine this happening in to your family? That children cannot finish primary school due to lack of money? What would that mean for their future!  You can help us to make there dream come true, we need your support as a sponsor. Not only your financial support, but also your prayer makes a difference in the lives of these children! It sounds far-fetched, but think about it: wouldn't it be great if children didn't have to live or die in poverty?

Children love to play and want to be able to go to school.

 We must not take this away from them. But due to difficult living conditions, many parents are unable to give their children what they need. How do we strengthen vulnerable families? SKMET is a recognized foundation in Indonesia, many families come to them for help. How does SKMET help these families? By creating a personal and feasible development plan together with them. The aim is to ensure that in this process, vulnerable families turn into stronger, independently functioning families; a place where children can grow up safely and lovingly. Financing: Given their financial status, these families are supported by SKMET and the Kyanno Foundation. Unfortunately, we cannot  do this alone. That is why we are looking for permanent sponsors. A sponsorship offers a child a guarantee of a different future and opens the way to emotional, spiritual, and material help.

South -Africa is on the rise.

Something very special is happening in South Africa. More than 2,200 impressive, local women see the extreme poverty where children in particular suffer, of becoming and standing up for the millions of vulnerable children in South Africa who do not receive an answer to their questions. Children often have no food at all. No bed to sleep in, either medical care when they get sick, no access to education. Not a mother who can answer their questions. The focus of  Kyanno foundation is to participate in 2022 in the fight against this extreme poverty in South Africa. 


Many families in Suriname and surroundings live in poverty. Mostly due to the lack of finances. Poverty has a negative effect, that usually results in poorer living, living in isolation, but also poorer nutrition and mental health. The children in these families have a high risk of a backlog that can hardly be made up. Poverty is just pure stress. And stress gives people a short-term focus, which often leads to poorly thought-out decisions. As a result, more debt, and even more poverty. We from the Kyanno foundation have been approached by 7 families for support. Before we agreed to this support, we had their story verified by our ambassador on location.
Because everyone can and may turn to the Kyanno Foundation for help, but we must be sure that these families meet the conditions of the foundation.

The report found the following:
Family 1, has 2 school-aged children, of which the mother is severely diabetic and financially very difficult.
Family 2, has 5 children, 2 of whom go to school, the mother has attempted suicide.
Family 3, mother is paralyzed, is in a wheelchair after a stroke, has 2 school-aged children.
Family 4, mother is in a wheelchair and has 2 school-aged children.
Family 5, has a very difficult social life and has 4 school-aged children.
Family 6, is a couple over 70 years old, the government has not paid their pension.
This family lives on liquid consumption. (soep,pap,thee bread)
Family 7 is a single mother and has 7 children, she is severely diabetic (now has a job but  can’t make ends meet ).After consultation with our board, it was decided to help these families. The board has decided, through our reliable ambassador, to provide these families with 1x 10 kilos of rice, 5 liters of cooking oil, and an envelope of  500, -  guilders  p/p .The SKvKMET Foundation wants to repeat this campaign of oil and rice every 2-3 months for these families. Sponsors! We need you. We are on the rise in helping God's children who live in poverty. Poverty has one clear cause: not enough  money. That hampers a better future. Are you, as emotional as us, touched after reading the different stories of these families and are you considering making a financial contribution? Then this is more than welcome.



The Netherlands is a prosperous country. But, even here we have to do with  families  who are living in poverty. But lucky there are enough foundations in Holland that are ready to fight against this poverty. We at SKvKMET try to get input into this world through food banks and churches. It is difficult because, regardless of their living situation, they are not quick to allow another into their private life. Our company is young, we still have a lot to learn how to approach this  group of people. But we will not giveup. Every year that passes by, we gain more experience. 


Representative and Ambassadors for the Kyanno Foundation on St.Maarten  support the initiative of the Foundation and is in close contact with the Foundation in regards to the vulnerable families in need on St.Maarten.

The Foundation would like to give their support and contribution to St.Maarten as well but is in need of sponsors like you to help support the initiative of the Kyanno,s  Foundation, and to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable residents.

Representative :
Zoyla Mathew


Meredith Concincion

We have a growing network of supports which  support our mission- vision  on poverty, one of which is Meredith Concincion our ambassador on Sint Maarten. She explains why the Kyanno Foundation manner of working appeals to her so much.

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