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The sponsorship contribution for one of these boys is €10 per month with a duration of 3 years.

Nicolas  comes from a family of four children and lives with his mother in Kalimantan. Kalimantan is the Indonesian part of the island Borneo. Nicolas  likes to play local games with friends. Nicolas and his older sister want to go to school.
What is Nicolas's life like?
Nicolas' mother is a widow who works hard to earn enough income. She often has to make a choice between, for example, paying for the school or putting food on the table. Without sponsorship, there is a chance that Nicolas and his sister will not be able to attend school or will have to drop out of school to support their mother and family. In the area there are various problems concerning the well-being of children. For example, there are arranged (child) marriages, child labor and a lack of schools or other places where children can develop. There is also no start-up capital for a small company and young people do not have the knowledge and skills to start as a professional worker. This has a negative impact on the entire community.

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Like every child, Sam (9 years old) from Haiti has a dream: to become a teacher. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are slim. His parents struggle to scrape together a little income. Often there is little to eat and hardly any money for school. Can you imagine this happening in  your country? That children cannot finish primary school due to lack of money? What would that mean for their future!
What is Sam's life like?
Sam's father is a day laborer and his mother is a housewife. They do not own a piece of land and are dependent on the work they do on the land of others. That is not regular and therefore they cannot always provide enough food for the children. There is no clean drinking water in the village and there are no sanitary facilities, which means that many children become ill. The dues are so bad that sometimes the children can't go to school. The family struggles to make ends meet.

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Ronit comes from a poor family and lives with his parents, sister and brother in a small one-room house in the Khunti district. He often attends kindergarten in his village. His favorite game is hide and seek and he often plays it with his friends at his house. He also likes to go cycling with his father and see the big buildings in the city. Ronit's favorite food is chicken and rice and later on he wants to become a police officer.
What is Ronit's life like?
Ronit's father is a day laborer and his mother is a housewife. They do not own a piece of land and therefore work on the land of others to earn an income. That causes their work to be irregular and sometimes they don't have enough food for their children. In the village where they live there is no clean drinking water and there are no sanitary facilities. As a result, many children get sick. Also, there are no good roads and during the rainy season everything gets muddy. Then the children cannot go to school. There is no electricity in the village and therefore children cannot do their homework in the evenings. In a medical emergency, Ronit's family has to travel a long way to see a village doctor, as there is no medical clinic nearby. Ronit's parents have a hard time meeting the basic needs of the family.

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How the Kyanno Foundation helps Nicolas, Sam and Ronit
As a Christian organization we want to contribute to a fairer world and we think it is very important that the help we offer to Nicolas, Sam and Ronit has a Christian signature. The parent "deems it very important that help is offered based on Christian norms and values". In order to monitor the sponsorship program in Kalimantan, Haiti and India, the Kyanno Foundation works together with local foundations. The sponsor programs are aimed at self-reliance combined with a vision for the longer term. We look at the total picture so that we can eventually let go of the people we are helping now. And that the community can fend for itself in the future and not remain dependent on sponsorship money. We think that's very important. Thank you to our sponsors. We hope to be able to assist more sponsored children in the future.
Wealth The greatest wealth lies in knowing God. It is not without reason that Jesus says, "Let the children come to me." That's because they are the future. That is why the Kyanno Foundation supports Nicolas  Sam and Ronit. We hope that what is crooked in this world will become a bit straighter.
How does sponsorship work?
With your monthly contribution of €10, you support your sponsor child. The Kyanno Foundation for Children with a Future works in entire villages to improve the living conditions of poor children. This is how we ensure that not only the sponsor child, but everyone gets a fair chance.

How can I stop my sponsorship?
You can cancel your sponsorship by phone +31687944068 or email It is also possible to transfer sponsorship to a family member or acquaintance of yours, so that the support for the requester can be continued. If you want to transfer sponsorship, please contact us with us.

How does the Foundation know which child is my sponsor child?

Behind the scenes we keep a file, where you and the sponsor child are linked we will not share this information with others. It is enough to name name your sponsor child.

What does the semi-annual report include?
The semi-annual report will provide feedback on how the requester goes, what goals have been worked on, where the difference is made in the guidance, and what goals will be worked on in the comes half year.

How do I contact my sponsored child?
All contacts go through Kyanno foundation.

Who pays the cost of the mail sent from the sponsor to the requester?
The sponsor pays the costs for sending the mail himself.

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