Children who witness domestic

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Children who witness domestic violence: lasting effects


It’s often thought that children scarcely notice or suffer from violence between their parents. Unfortunately, this is not true. These children grow up with violence as the norm and many are themselves physically or sexually abused. This is why it’s vital that professionals are well informed about domestic violence and child abuse.

Some might not be used to disciplining their kids any other way than physically, but not only is this against the law, there are many more effective and safer forms of discipline. 

“People either don’t know there is a law or they don’t care,”, corporal punishment is still the most prevalent form of discipline.

In general, corporal punishment means: to cause physical pain or discomfort to correct or control a child’s behavior. This is often done by spanking or slapping the child with an open hand, striking with an instrument such as a belt, spoon, shoe, hairbrush, paddle. Somtimes, shaking, pinching, forced ingestion of substances such as soap, or forcing children to stay in uncomfortable positions for prolonged periods.


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